New Venture Theatre wants everyone who attends live theatre performances to thoroughly enjoy the experience. Below are a few items, which, if followed, will greatly enhance the experience for everyone.

Please remember everyone on the stage can hear and see you. Your reactions fuel them. The performers and all those people behind the scenes have worked very hard to create an evening of entertainment for you. Please show them the respect they deserve.

No cell phones: Please turn cell phones off or silence them, and please do not answer a call during a performance. If you must take an emergency call, leave the auditorium and only begin speaking to your caller once you are away from the rest of the audience.

Coming and Going: Please do not enter or leave the auditorium during a performance unless it is an emergency. Please arrive before the performance begins.

Noises: Please be aware of the noise of snack bags and candy wrappers. We love children too but please bring uneasy, upset, or loud children to the lobby.

Sight Lines: Be aware that hats and large hairdos impede sight-lines.

Pictures: Please no flash photography of any kind. If you would like a picture of the cast or performance shots, please visit our photo’s page. We are more than happy to share our photos with you.

Now For Some Do’S:

Do laugh in the appropriate places.
Do applaud with enthusiasm in the appropriate places.
Do tell all your friends, after the show, what a great time you had.